WoW Leveling Guide
WoW Leveling Guide: More Powerful Than Ever!!

“Do you want to level your character 1-85 in less than 4 days...?
If so, then you've come to the right place!
Choose your wow leveling guide and dominate World of warcraft”

X-Elerated WoW Leveling Addon By Lucas
Dugi WoW Leveling Addon
Booster WoW Leveling Addon

X-Elerated WoW Leveling Addon By Lucas

X-Elerated WoW Leveling Addon By Lucas 

X-Elerated world of warcraft addon remains the best choice for professional World of Warcraft players thanks to its intuitive and 100% automated in-game system. X-Elerated is available to all World of Warcraft players.

X-Elerated is updated frequently and compatible with all World of Warcraft versions.

xelerated wow leveling guide

X-Elerated spares you the typical frustration of leveling

For a long time, generic addons available for World of Warcraft provides only vague information, maps, screenshots, a compilation of information which leads to a confusion for the player.

This time with the latest version of X-Elerated wow leveling guide, get ready to go up levels in a record time (approximately 4 days to reach level 85) thanks to the technology developed to spare you any possible difficulty.

The X-Elerated is the only addon that is consistent with the policy of Blizzard Addons.

A revolutionary 100% In-Game system

With this intelligent system you are taken towards the goals to be accomplished using a directional arrow directly implanted in the game which makes the gaming experience easier and enjoyable. An in-Game Window is also displayed to indicate precisely what you should do. It will accompany you throughout the levels.



Detection of quests steps:

detectionX-Elerated is provided with the “X-Elerated Detection System”. This technology has been improved with version 3.0 and increases system’s intelligence with recognition of your progression in the quests you’re doing.

In-Game directional arrow:

tomtomIt tells you exactly where to go and adjust itself when you move. The arrow changes color from red (when you’re away from your target) to green when you arrive at your destination. No need to tomtom or any other addons.

For all classes:

Whether you are a mage or hunter, warrior or rogue, no matter your class, this X-Elerated works. All quests classes are incorporated into the Addon.

 X-Elerated Talent Advisor:

advisorExclusif : The addon will automatically detect your level and tells you EXACTLY Where You Should Spend Your new talent points to get the most out of your character through the levels. With a push of a button the system automatically distributes the points where they should go to optimize your character!

Horde and Alliance WoW Leveling Guide:


X-Elerated Dailies & Events:

Dailies Banner

 X-Elerated Gold:

Wow Gold Guide

Works on All Operating Systems:

Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Seven – Mac OSX – Linux and installs in two clicks, also, whenever an update is available, you will be prompted automatically to install it via the program.


 Four additional bonuses 100% Free :

X-Elerated In-Game Daily Quest,

 X-Elerated Profession,

 X-Elerated In-Game Talent and

 X-Elerated Mount.

Now with this “Wow Leveling Guide”, it’s time to turn yourself into a professional World of Warcraft player



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Dugi WoW Leveling Addon

Dugi WoW Leveling Addon 

Dugi addon supports you directly in the game, while you upgrade to the highest level.

Moreover, dugi is not limited to turbo-progressing in levels, if you’re already on level 85, the addon and daily events allows you to rediscover the daily quests and events in Dugi’s way.



Dugi’s Features

100% in-game :

This addon offers one of the quickest and effective routes to go from level 1 to level 85 by guiding you directly in the game.

Possibility to jump quests :

This important feature is made possible by the faculty of the addon to automatically detect where you are in the quests. So if you go too fast (taking advantage of sponsorship, for example), you can easily use some quests to always stay on top.

Automatic detection of your history :

historyDugi is able to automatically detect the quests you’ve already completed. It will never ask you to try to do a quest that you’ve already finished.
With this powerful feature, the synchronization of your character with the addon is almost instant.

Autopilot :

Dugi is able to automatically detect what happens in the game, like when you accept a quest, when you retrieve objects, enter a new area, etc …, and it fits by offering you the next step. You can play with peace of mind in autopilot.

Shortcut Object :

If it is necessary to use an object for a quest, a representative icon appears. Then You only have to click on it to use the object without having to search your inventory.

Arrows of Direction :

tomtomThe addon puts destinations automatically on your card which allows you to use the addon Tomtom to take you very intuitively in all your travel.

All classes supported :

It detects the class of your character and accordingly adjusts the steps. This way, you do not miss important class quests.

 For Horde and Alliance :



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Booster WoW Leveling Addon

Booster WoW Leveling Addon 

Booster addon is one of the fastest ways to get to level 85. It’s an addon automatically integrated in the game.



This addon absolutely carries your hand and also takes you through quests using incredible speed.

Your actions will be made employing Booster technology and will be assured to include the best quests in the game. Poor rubbish quests will be eliminated out of this addon entirely therefore you spend no time with them.


Booster’s Features

In-game hints and suggestions:

Every single quest will come along with it’s unique suggestions. The hints will offer you detail to complete the step you will be at therefore you never get puzzled regarding what exactly to accomplish. In case you run into a tricky quest the addon will supply you with sufficient tips to achieve it easily.

Skills Assistant :

It explains precisely where to place your own skill points each moment you level. You have a choice between manual or automatic mode.

Glyph Assistant :

Comparable to the Skills Assistant, booster inserts the most effective ranking up Glyphs in-game for every single class. Simply open the glyph screen and the addon displays for you exactly what glyphs to acquire thus you employ each possible gain to push you character to the max.

Ant-trails, TomTom Arrow and Map marks:

Those tools help to make following the questing routes as effortless as possible. They can head you from mission to mission with turbo acceleration. Everything you require is placed right on your screen. Simply follow the arrow, have a look at the marks in the map, or perhaps follow the ant-trail to your target.


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New WoW Zone Levels For Cataclysm

With Cataclysm release there’s new zone levels and due to cataclysm events some zones will be devastated while some will present luxuriant vegetation.

The new Cataclysm map with Zone levels:

Wow zone levels



map gilneas

This human kingdom had supported the Alliance during the Second War, but King Genn Greymane  had no qualms about breaking all ties with the outside world when it became clear that the Alliance had more need of Gilneas than not. Unbeknownst to the rest of the world, darkness fell upon the country after the closure of the gates of King Genn Greymane wall, and the Worgen curse ravaged the nation. Quickly, Gilneans came to deliver a terrible civil war that brought the kingdom with fire and blood. Miraculously, Gilneans have managed to cling to the last vestiges of their humanity … for now

Gilneas is a large peninsula, located in the south of Lordaeron. The area is adjacent to Hillsbrad Foothills and Silverpine Forest, and is separated from the latter by the famous wall of King Genn Greymane. Because of its proximity, Zul’Dare is considered a territory belonging to Gilneas.

Gilneas is the starting area of Worgens covering the first 15 levels of play.


Lost Isles


lost isles map

The Lost Isles are located in the south of Azshara, and the north of Durotar. This is where the goblins are stranded to be sold by one of their congeners, after their ship was caught in a naval battle between the Alliance and the Horde.

Lost Isles is the starting area of Goblins covering the first 15 levels of play.

Mount Hyjal


map hyjal

This brand new area of level 78-82 will include many series of quests, phased zones, portals to micro-areas within the Land of Fire, a brand new raid dungeon, and more!

The sunken city of Vashj’ir


map Vashj'ir

Vashj’ir was before the fracture, the home of Lady Vashj. This majestic city was the home of a large number of Highbornes, who have now become horrible Nagas, under the influence of their queen Azshara.

Vashj’ir is an underwater area where you can get around by swimming, walking on the ground or using underwater mountings.




map uldum

Uldum is a former desert, situated on the southernmost coast of Kalimdor.

Two towers inspired by ancient Egypt will be available through a door in the south of Tanaris. Uldum contain a raid instance and a 5-player dungeon. The 5-players dungeon, called The Halls of Origination contains the Origin 7 boss.

Access to the area appears to be done by inserting a set of plates. The plates in question can be found at the end of the Uldaman instance. Nevertheless, it is unlikely to be of no use to enter Uldum since the cataclysm triggered by Deathwing will damage the system built by the Titans.



map deepholm

Deepholm is the name for the basement of Azeroth, so deep that it would be in contact with the core of the planet. Recently, we learned that it’s where Deathwing was hidden.

Deepholm is a hub area, which will allow players to join other parts of the game added in Cataclysm. However, quests will be proposed, most being related to Deathwing. This area would also house a gigantic lake, visible in the Deeprun Tram.

Twilight Highlands



Situated in the east of Wetlands, the Highlands are a Twilight Zone level 84 to 85, where there were port cities to unknown destinations.

Tol Barad

(Total PvP area)

map tol barad

Tol Barad is a ravaged island, a former human kingdom located in Baradin Bay, in the south of the Isle of Purification.

Tol Barad serves as battlegrounds between the Alliance and the Horde and will be a total PvP zone, like the Wintergrasp in Northrend. It where the majority of daily quests added during the extension will take place.


map maelstrom

When the Well of Eternity exploded during the War of the Ancients, a raging sea infiltrated and broke the single continent Kalimdor into three distinct parts: the Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor and Northrend.

At the moment of its destruction, some night elves that were engulfed by the magical waters of the Well were turned into Nagas. It is under the mighty maelstrom that stands Nazjatar, their capital.

The center of the Maelstrom, called “The Eye”, is the seat of an apocalyptic storm generated by persistent chaotic energies of the old wells.

According to some rumors, it would be under the ruins of the Well of Eternity where was locked the Old Gods, commonly called “the Three”.

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