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Instance Guide

In most areas of World of Warcraft there is something that is called instance. The peculiarity of these areas is that they are unique for each group entering. I mean, if there are two groups together in the same dungeon, each one will not cross to the other; they will have their own monsters and live their own history. The entrance of an instance can be spotted by the presence of a swirling blue portal for instances of groups or red for raids.

When a player dies in one of these dungeons, if someone in your group can revive him, he returns to life at the entrance of the dungeon at the risk of seeing you facing the reappeared monsters. In addition, a warlock can’t teleport a player in the instance; he must therefore leave it to be able to invoke the player.

Generally, in a dungeon, monsters reappear very slowly, which is useful when the whole group dies for having improperly evaluated a boss. You might also be aware that if the group is staying for more than twenty minutes outside of the dungeon it will be seen all the monsters that will reappear in it.

Finally, as stated earlier in this Wow Instance Guide, there are two kinds of instances, those of groups and those of raids. The first must be done by groups of five players and the other by raids of 40 players maximum. It goes without saying that these are extremely hard to finish and that even in the case of the famous “Onyxia’s Nest”, the groups being able to see the end shall be counted on the fingers of one hand to this day.

Warning: For those wishing to discover the game by themselves I would advise you to leave this Wow Instance Guide more quickly because it has for goal to reference all the instances of the game, the recommended level to browse them in the best possible conditions and the type of enemies you will find. Also note that “Horde” players can enter into an instance of the Alliance, but they will not be able to perform any mission.

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Wow Instance by Level


Zone: durotar

Level: 13-16

Faction: Horde

LOOT: Few green drops.
Description: The entrance to the dungeon is located in the cave under Ogrimmare. It is an underground dungeon filled with lava and the local fauna is composed of snakes, elementary of lava, troggs and orcs. Personally, I find this instance rather repetitive and without a real scenario, but it remains interesting to do for the experience and the collected objects.

The deadmines

Zone: westfall

Faction: Alliance

Level: 16-20

LOOT: Among the blue drops of this instance we could find the Embered Staff and Defias Leather armor set.

Description: You will find this dungeon in Westfall, in the city of Moonbrook. There you will find an entire collection of Defias bandits, that is to say, humans, dwarfs and Gobelins. In contrast to Ragefire this instance occurring in mines has a real story where you will discover the dark projects of Defias bandits.

Wailing Caverns

Zone: Barrens

Level: 16-21

Faction: Horde

Loot: The priests and magicians will appreciate this instance for the famous crescent staff given by the main quest.
Description: This instance takes place in the Barrens through lush underground caverns.  Local wildlife consists of raptors, ectoplasms and night elves. It is one of my favorite instances to this date with a truly memorable end.

Shadowfang Keeps

Zone: Forest of Silverpine

Level: 19-25

Faction: Horde

LOOT: You can find a very interesting Dress of Arugal that a mage should keep for a long time.
Description: The Dungeon at the bottom of Silverpine is the lair of the dark wizard Arugal, engaged in sinister mixtures between men and wolves living in the old premises. Local wildlife composed of living dead, of wolves and wolf men.

Blackfathom DEEPS

Zone: ashenvale

Level: 20-28

Faction: Alliance and Horde

LOOT: Doomspike is a dagger having a Dps of 17.7 and a chance to poison the target with a damage of 80 for 20 seconds.
Description: This instance is found in the ruins of a glorious temple dedicated to the night elves moon goddess, Elune. You’ll meet Nagas, Murlocs, satyrs and elves. The entry that you will find to the north of the beach to the west of Ashenvale is fairly original since you need to plunge into a basin to reach it.

The Stockade

Zone: stormwind

Level: 22-26

Faction: Alliance

LOOT: It should be noted an original Skeletal Gauntlets to interrupt a spell being launched.
Description: This instance is being held in the prison of Stormwind where the imprisoned Defias took control after a riot that cost the lives of many guards.

Razorfen Kraul


Level: 25-30

Faction: Horde

LOOT: Some rare items like Death speaker scepter, Death speaker robes and Batwing mantle.
Description: This instance is located in the south of the barrens. This dungeon will take place in the middle of the briers characteristics of the Razormen, the wildlife consists of Humanoids mid-man and half-pig as adversaries.


Zone: Dun Morogh

Level: 26-33

Faction: Alliance and Horde

LOOT: You will find in this instance an incredible collection of rings and a simly awesome Electromagnetic Gigaflux Reactivator.
Description: Former capital Gnome has been invaded by the Trogs. The excellent ambiance of this city robot is only equal to its huge size which is that of any capital.

Scarlet Monastery

Zone: Tirisfal Glades

Level: 35-43

Faction: Alliance and Horde

Loot: You will find in the monastery if you are a magic class, an Illusionary Rod that you will surely keep until level 45.
Description: This monastery houses a group of fanatics that call themselves Crimson Phalanx. This highly original instance is divided to three mini instances: a graveyard, an armory and finally a magnificent Cathedral.

Razorfen Downs

Zone: South Barrens

Level: 38-42

Faction: Horde

Loot: Apart from a very good sword: X’caliboar, the remaining items will be of particular interest to other classes like mages and priests with many objects of fabric.
Description: This dungeon is graphically close enough to Razorfen Kraul and populated by Quillboars and Undead. This instance will guide you into its final phase to a Lich on top of a hill spiral.


Zone: Badlands

Level: 36-45

Faction: Alliance and Horde

Loot: A great axe called Pendulum of Doom with a chance to make up to 350 more damage, rings, armor plates and others.
Description: This dungeon, populated by dwarfs and stone golems, is set in a cave in the Badlands.  After an adventure, that is far from being easy (it is better to be at level 45 to be able to see the end), you will discover the origin of the dwarfs.


Zone: Desolace

Level: 41-49

Faction: Alliance and Horde

LOOT: an impressive leather helmet called Helm of the Mountain or one of the best leggings of the game called: Elemental Rockridge Leggings for the lucky ones that can wear plate.
Description: Maraudon is the Landmark of the satyrs from the prohibited union between one of the sons of the Guardian of the Bosquet Cenarius and a princess of chaotic elements.


Zone: Tanaris

Level: 43-47

Faction: Alliance and Horde

Loot: can be found in this particular instance a helmet of fabric “Embrace of the Lycan” that will make the happiness of magic classes.
Description: This sandy open instance is held in the desert of Tanaris.  The local fauna consists mainly of trolls and story is divided into two distinct main quests that will take you to defeat a giant hydra on one of them.

The Sunken Temple

Zone: Swamp of Sorrow

Level: 45-50

Faction: Alliance and Horde

LOOT: objects such as a pant called Kilt of the Atal’ai Prophet.
Description: This instance is taking place, as the name indicates, in a sunken temple in the swamps of Lamentations. There you will find mainly Dragons like Eranikus (a shadow of a dragon to be more precise) and hakkar, as well as many Troll mini bosses like prophet Ba-jammal’.

Blackrock Depths

Zone: Between Searing Gorge and Burning Steppes

Level: 48-55

Faction: Alliance and Horde

Loot: You will find in this instance a wand called Wand of Eternal Light offering a very interesting spell or a helmet “Foreman’s Head Protector” that warriors will appreciate.
Description: Blackrock Depths is a part of “High Levels” instances. Even if Blizzard indicates a recommended level between 48 and 55, a level 55 seems to be the minimum to finish it (Check X-elerated Wow Leveling Guide).  You will find this instance inhabited by Dwarfs and other elementary of fire in the Burning Steppes. Graphically it’s a real success, including the crossing of the lava at the entrance.  Also note that the area contains a portal of raid for ragnaros, one of the ancient gods of Azeroth.

Blackrock Spire

Zone: Between Searing Gorge and Burning Steppes

Level: 52-60

Faction: Alliance and Horde

LOOT: There are objects in this instance as this beautiful purple helmet called “Dragonskin Cowl” and many item sets.
Description: Graphically pretty close to Blackrock Depths. In Blackrock Spire you will fight orcs, ogres and trolls. This instance has the originality to be separated into two parts which are both floors. The lower area has the Overlord Wyrmthalak as a boss and the top one has the General Drakkisath.


Zone: Eastern Plaguelands

Level: 55-60

Faction: Alliance and Horde

Loot: This instance offers as loot this a mass called “Malown’s Slam” and some awesome set pants “Legguards of Stratholme”.
Description: This instance takes you to fight the Scourge Strat, in one of its strongholds. There you’ll find ghouls, gargoyles and other abominations in the ruined city of Stratholme. In addition to the scourge, you will also encounter the leader of the Scarlet Phalanx as well as the big boss of the instance: Lord Aurius Rivendare. As for the other two previous instances, there is no improvisation possible. You will need a group of 5 and the highest level possible to see the end.


Zone: Western Plaguelands

Level: 56-60

Faction: Alliance and Horde

Loot: You will find a helmet that fits well with a warrior: Bone Ring Helm or this One-Handed Mace offering an interesting DPS: Hammer of the Vesper.
Description: Like Stratholme, you will fight here again the Scourge Strat. It is in effect of the School of Necromancy founded by KEL’Thuzad himself.  The enemies you will find there will therefore be mostly black mages and the owner, the Lich Ras Frostwhisper.


Zone: Stranglethorn Vale

Level: Formerly a 20-man raid instance for level 60 players, has returned as a heroic-only 5-player dungeon for players at the level of 85 (You can check our recommended wow leveling guide to get to level 85 in no time), Blue stuff recommended

Faction: Alliance and Horde

Loot: Most items are very good blue items especially this very powerful and epic jewel called  Zandalarian Hero Charm given as a reward of the Heart of Hakkar by the trolls of the village of Zandalar.
Description: A group of fanatics troll priests have managed to resurrect Hakkar the soul flayer.  By enslaving them, Hakkar took control of the dungeon. You need to kill his lieutenants to weaken him so the bravest of you will be able to compete with him.  Many optional bosses are present in this instance.

NB: Most of the damage is from “nature based attacks”,  Good resistance to this kind of magic will increase your chances of success.

Molten Core

Zone: Pike blackrock

Level: 60, blue stuff recommended

Faction: Alliance and Horde

LOOT: There are many items from an epic level.  The complete list is available Here.
Description: Raid instance for 40 persons. Ragnaros, the fire elemental lord, banished by the Titans in the bowels of the earth, is now recovering his strength in order to destroy all life on Azeroth.  So enter into the furnace and get ready to face him!
Recommendations: In this instance where everything is burning, fire resistance is essential. So, there is no point in trying to defeat Ragnaros without any raid with more than 150 of resistance to that element!

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