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Warlock Guide: Basics

Before we talk about our WoW Warlock Leveling Guide, lets clarify some basics:


WoW Warlock Leveling Guide

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Consumed by their desire for black magic, they are now buried deep in the chaotic magic of the world. The Burning Legion now gives them power, allowing them to channel their destructive energy and leading them to powerful emissaries to fight alongside them.

The Warlock is a class that requires a lot of involvement from the player. Warlocks have pets, lots of combos and they are required to have the raw material for their spells. This means that they must learn a bit more than other classes, but the top-rated WoW Warlock Leveling Guide will help you to do it fast. The Warlock has a lot of funny and cool abilities, like Eye of Kilrogg, Fear, the pets and a lot of other things.


  • He can use pets for fun or to attract enemies.
  • He can provide stones that can be used for resurrection.
  • He can concoct potions that have the form of a Healthstone.
  • He can invoke other players through a ritual invocation.
  • He can breathe underwater.
  • He can invoke a mount reserved to warlocks.
  • He can use the Eye of Killrogg to scout.
  • He can take control of a demon for a short period of time.
  • He can be healed through a drain life.
  • He is doing very well solo, using his pet to simulate a group of two people with complementary skills.


  • He can only wear tissue armor.
  • He is very fragile and can easily be killed in certain situations.
  • Soul Shards takes up space in inventory.


  • Control the collection of Soul Shards and their use.
  • Properly manage monsters hate towards him and his pet.
  • Managing his familiar skills to be as efficient as possible.

Wow Warlock Leveling Guide: Basic Infos

  • Races: Blood Elves, Humans, Orcs, Undead and Gnomes.
  • Standard Bars: Heal / mana.
  • Allowable Equipment: Tissue.
  • Allowable Weapons: Daggers, clubs (with training), sticks and swords (with training).

Soul Shards

Warlock needs Soul Shards for certain spells and pets. You receive a Soul Shard by using Drain Soul on a monster while he dies. You should be aware that you cannot get Soul Shards from monsters that do not give experience. You cannot go into a newbie region and kill monsters easier to get soul shards. They take up space in your bags, which means you have a limited amount. But you still must have theme to invoke your pets. While using Drain Soul, you cannot move, attack or begin another spell, otherwise, you will interrupt the spell. If you do not stand still, Drain Soul will not work. Learn to judge the speed at which the monster dies. Try running the drain at the right time to prevent waiting too long the monster’s death and run early enough to have his soul.

Soul Shards does not stack and this to maintain the balance of the gameplay and that you don’t own too much.

If you find yourself without Soul Shards, you will get free use of most pets, which can sometimes be a challenge. The imp can be called without using a Soul Shard, so you can use it to advance your Soul Shard to summon a more powerful creature.

Affliction skills

The Warlock has several types of curses and it is for the player to decide what the best against a particular enemy is. The curse can only be thrown at the enemy and you can only have one active at a time. The last curse you cast will replace the previous curse on the monster.

Demonology skills

Demonology skills are very diverse. It includes “buff’s armor”, a spell to prevent an enemy to fight, the famous “Soulstone” to resurrect the characters,  ”Hearthstone” that act as healing potions, an invisibility detection spell, a spell that allows you to see all nearby demons on the mini-map or a skill that lets you control a demon. As you can see, this is a very rich class.

Destruction skills

This category includes all the offensive spells. There are direct attacks, the DoT, but also a drain for life and another for mana. All these spells are to use while the enemy is going after your pet or another group member.

Playing with a Warlock

You have to learn to be clever and to balance the hatred of monsters towards you and your creature. You have to learn to handle things when the monster will turn against you so that your pet can be kept away. Sometimes you have to stop casting spells and instead use your pet’s skills like Taunt. Analyze the best spells that make monsters angry. On the material side, select the one that improves intelligence, spirit, and stamina. Remember: With “Life Tap”, additional health also means extra mana. Now that you know the basics of the Warlock, you have to learn to play with him. At first you will probably want to run your DoT and ask your pets to attack the enemy. Thereafter, you start another spell and probably Life Drain to increase your HP. After that, if you want a Soul Shard, you will need to run Drain Soul before the monster dies.

  • Start with DoT on the monster and scare him. As he fled, hit it with direct spells.
  • Use Fear if there are many monsters. Be careful as some can come back with others…
  • Coaches can give you skills in all areas. Find one and see what you can buy from him. Then use your new creature. You need to invoke your pet, otherwise you will not see the abilities to buy.
  • Use the abilities of your creatures in battle. Note that most of them are still in autocast.


Take what you want, but you may find the following combinations adapted to Warlocks:

  • Tailoring: Used to make clothes for Warlock or other players.
  • Fishing – Cooking – First Aid: Allows the Warlock to heal.
  • Herbalism and Alchemy: Allows you to concoct potions.
  • Herbalism and Enchanting: Allows you to enchant your equipment or those of other players.

To Get the most out of Warlocks you need to follow the best WoW Warlock Leveling Guide. Check it now.

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